• Property to be owned as a single asset, Limited Liability Company comprised of a Managing Member and Investor Members

  • Investor Members are comprised of
    5 to 10 individual investors with a $50,000 minimum investment per investor

  • Managing Member controls all facets of the investment including acquisition, financing, management, financial reporting and disposition

  • Investor Members are passive

  • Financing is completely non-recourse to Investor Members with any necessary debt guarantees provided
    by the Managing Member

  • Investor Members have no additional obligations for capital contribution beyond their initial investment

  • Managing Member invests 10% of the required equity

  • Managing Member's compensation is 20% of the operating cash flow and 20%
    of the residual cash flow after the full return of the Investor Member's invested capital

  • Investor Members receive an 5% internal rate of return before the Managing Member receives compensation. The IRR is calculated at the conclusion of the investment